Thursday, September 15, 2005

Fugly Fur -- Weekly Caption Contest

Most of us know that fur is cruel -- it's difficult to deny. But some don't see the flip-side of the coin: it's also tacky, unsubtle, and low-class. It says: "Damn, I suddenly got some money. How can I shove it unceremoniously in people's faces? Oh yeah! Wear carcasses, huge badly cut diamonds, and drive around in a hummer."

I'll admit that I covet leather shoes, boots, and bags (please please please find me some stylish synthetic leather shoes...) But Faux fur....uh...nope. Those sporting real fur look like they just butchered their yorkie. But chics wearing faux fur look like they just went psycho on their teddy bear and slung it around their necks. Leave fake fur to cute little kids and their stuffed animal backpacks.

But why not have some fun with these fashion victims? The fugly fur caption contest is for anyone who likes to point and laugh at furry humans. Each week, I will post a photo of fugly fur. Think up a caption to go along with it--be as brutal as you like. Write your suggested caption in the comments section below. The best caption will be featured at the top of next week's contest.

Below is this week's fugly fur. It shouldn't be hard to rip on this one.

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Blogger Margaret said...

Toothpaste, grape, and mango stripes. Yuk! Don't leave it at my house or my dog will eat it!

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Miranda Clare Remy said...

A fuzzy snake coat -- just what I always wanted. But this bathrobe will really keep me warm. I just hope that the mailman won't come to the door.

2:47 PM  

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